Detailed descriptions on what the different plans we offer.

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Detailed descriptions on what the different plans we offer.


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We offer two subscription plans. The first one is for individuals, the Professional( make the word BOLD) plan for a monthly 10$ fee for investments under %50k ( 0.50% fee for investments above $50k). The second one is for businesses, the Entreprise (make the word BOLD) plan. The price for the Entreprise (make the word BOLD) plan is negociated and adapted to each business. We charge monthly on the first day of the following month. Learn more about our subscription plan fee’s in the Pricing ( make the word BOLD) section of the website. For more information about the other potential fees, head over to your account and review the Ancillary Fees section.

Unlike other investing apps, Wealthup doesn’t charge any add-ontrading comissions for investments under %50k. You can also get your electronic statements totally free.

You may at some point see a fee that is different from your standard monthly account fee (AKA the Wrap fee). These fees are charged based on action(s) taken by a client that is beyond Wealthup’s control and area of service. Should a client incur an additional fee, they are responsible for paying it accordance with the terms and conditions of their account opening agreements. Below is the list of current fees DriveWealth (Wealthup’s custodian) has provided to Wealthup. Wealthup reserves the right to change these fees in the future.

• Bank Transfer (ACH) Incoming – $0 • Bank Transfer (ACH) Outgoing- $0.25 • Returned ACH (insufficient funds)– $20 per ACH failure

• Electronic Statement & Electronic Trade Confirms – $0 • Paper Confirms* – $3 per confirm • Paper Statements* – $5 per statement

• ACAT Outgoing(US) – $50 per account • ACAT Outgoing(Intl.) – $100 per account • ACAT Incoming – $0 *Statements and confirms have defaulted to electronic delivery. You can request paper confirms and statements if you choose. Paper confirms and statement fees will also occur if there is a typo in your email address that causes these documents to be bounced back as undeliverable. Please update your email address in the app or