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There is no minimum amount.

Wealthup is open to all US citizens and most permanent residents. Permanent residents from certain countries that are considered “high risk” are not able to open account.

We offer two subscription plans for $10 and $20. We charge monthly on the first day of the following month .You’ll be charged the same subscription plan fee no matter the amount in your accounts. Learn more about our subscription plan fees. For a full list of other potential fees you may see on your account, review the Ancillary Fees information.

Unlike other investing apps, Wealthup doesn’t charge any add-on trading commissions or electronic statement fees.

Yes indeed! You can personalize every aspect of your investment including the investment strategy. When you onboard through our app you can choose your investment strategy ranging from conservative to aggressive. Our AI tailors the portfolio specifically for you based on your financial goals, such as retirement versus child’s education. You can change your strategy at any time.

Creating an account and scheduling a deposit takes just a few minutes. Once the account and bank information is approved, it takes 1-2 business days for funds to post to the account. Once the deposit is received, the funds will be invested in your personalized portfolio as quickly as possible.

Yes. One of the benefits of having an account, especially a taxable investment account, is that it’s a liquid asset. If you need to access your money, you can initiate a withdrawal at any time by selecting Banking>Withdraw Money. Transactions will settle two business days after the trades occur. Once trades settle, we’ll automatically send the money to your specified account. It can take a few days for the funds to reach your bank account after your trades settle.

When you transfer money from your external bank account to your Wealthup account, you’ll see the amount in your personal portfolio activity almost instantly.* However, it can take up to three business days for the money to actually move out of your external bank account—it depends on how quickly your bank processes ACH transfers. Before the transfer from your external bank account to your Wealthup account is complete, it will show as “Pending” in the portfolio activity section of your investment account.

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