Getting Started

Everything you need to get you up and running on Wealthup.


Detailed descriptions on what the different plans we offer.


All the techy details on how we keep your information secure.

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Getting Started

Everything you need to get you up and running on Wealthup.

No, there is no account minimum.

Wealthup is open to all US citizens and most permanent residents. Permanent residents from certain countries that are considered “high risk” are not able to open account.

No, account opening does not impact your credit.

Download the Wealthup app on the Appstore and Google Play. Please follow the signup process to complete the account opening, here is the detail step by step instructions.

It ranges from minutes to days, but we will email you if we need any additional information or if your account status changes. You can schedule a deposit to your pending account in the meantime.

Yes, you can! Please follow the following steps: • Find and click “Money” icon within the Wealthup app • Click the row that says “Transfer or rollover” • Click the name of your account under the “From” row (it might say “Add account” if you don’t have one preselected) • Click on “Transfer via ACAT” (pro tip: ACAT is just the industry term for an account transfer) • Please email if you run into any issues and one of our advisors will help you out. Please allow 1-2 weeks for ACAT transfers to complete after being initiated.

There are no trading fees with Wealthup. We want to democratize investing and make it easy for everyone to have access to financial management service.

That depends on your subscription plan to see all the available options.

Wealthup customers are automatically charged monthly on the first day of the month. Your first subscription payment will occur on the following month you joined Wealthup and linked bank account. Note: We will first attempt to charge your subscription payment for your Wealthup account (Investment account and Individual IRA) to the linked bank account. If your bank account have insufficient cash in them, we may then charge your subscription payment to your Wealthup investment account, investment position(s). Disclosure: Wealthup generally deducts your subscription fee from either your cash balance in your Wealthup account or from your Funding account (i.e linked bank account). However, Wealthup may, as necessary sell securities in your Wealthup account to cover the subscription fee. If applicable, your linked banking account is a funding account for purposes of the Advisory Agreement. Your Wealthup subscription fee may be deducted from your linked banking account balance.

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew until you change or cancel your plan. Find out more about annual memberships.

1. Navigate to Profile on the bottom right corner 2. Select Email, Phone and Address and Investment Profile 3. Choose the detail you’d like to edit If you update your email and/or phone number, you’ll need to verify them.

We hold our member’s safety and security first. By verifying your documents, it helps us to confirm your information and protect against user identity fraud.

If needed, we will contact you by email and in-app to upload a driver’s license, passport, SSN card, bank statement, or utility bill, depending on the required information to verify. After uploaded, we will inform you within a few business days whether your account has been approved or declined.

We take many factors in evaluating your safety and security. To understand why your account was not approved, please contact us at 800-000-000 for details.

You can fund the account by linking your Wealthup account with initiating an account transfer (ACAT), rollover or wire. You can also set up a recurring or make a one-time deposit any time.